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InvuCare Support

InvuCare is more than just a support package – as support packages go, it’s the most comprehensive available. It’s the foundation for a strong partnership, an important part of the Invu product, and, for the first year, it’s absolutely free!

InvuCare entitles you to the following services:

Professional and friendly technical support and advice from both yourInvu Accredited Partner, and also from our own Invu Technical Support team, when- ever you need it.
Free version upgrades, which average two a year, as we continually improve our existing products.
Preferential rates for additional licenses.
Web resources including technical articles, online help, product manuals, software updates, products specifications and service information.
A quarterly magazine ‘Promises’, keeping you up-to-date with Invu news, which features hints and tips on the Invu software so that you get the most out of your investment.
Opportunities for free publicity from our own PR company to help promote your business.
Discounted rates for the booking of our Invu training centre
For further information about how Invu can help support your business, please contact us.